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I am currently writing a book called Elegant Legal Writing that is under publisher review. To build an audience for the book and share what I am learning as I write it, I’ve decided to create a free blog and email newsletter with legal writing tips. You can read the first post and subscribe for free here. Thank you for your time and readership. —— Ryan McCarl (LinkedIn | Twitter | Blog) is an attorney and law professor in Los Angeles.

It has been many years since I kept a personal blog, but I’ve decided to start again with a blog and email newsletter called “Second Stage.” You can read the first post and subscribe for free here. I’m not yet certain which direction Second Stage will go, but I hope you’ll subscribe and follow along. I anticipate writing short essays, memoir fragments, notes from my readings and travels, and recommendations for things I’ve discovered.

What is the best way to study for the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE)? I made a short YouTube video demonstrating my favorite strategies. These include: Doing thousands of MBE practice questions with Adaptibar or books containing past questions. Creating your own outline for each subject from scratch Populating your homemade outline with rules gleaned from answer explanations for practice questions you didn’t understand Creating your own audio resources using Speechify or another text-to-speech app Listening to lectures from YouTube, the Sum and Substance series, or other sources while you run, drive, or do the dishes Working with a bar tutor or study partner Check out the video here:


Second Stage

Ryan McCarl’s personal blog with short essays, memoir fragments, and notes from his readings and travels.

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Legal consulting services for technology companies, startups, and others.